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This a social problem, not racism. What can a bus monitor do to stop the fight when lawsuit-happy parents are just waiting to see if school personnel lay so much as a hand on their kid. There is a culture of people misusing the Baby Yoda Hug Ukulele Shirt system and something has to be done about it. Schools are already understaffed. Yet, they are somehow expected to keep kids apart when they come from violent and dysfunctional homes. Maybe, in this case, the girl was minding her own business and was being bullied. In many cases, both parties are antagonizing each other and fight to break out.


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School fights have happened for many decades. But, schools can’t respond appropriately. Blame the lawyers. The bus monitor was screwed either way. If she had intervened then she would have been held liable for any injuries that the children had received during the altercation. The way the laws work nowadays, especially when dealing with kids throwing the n-word around like small talk, the Baby Yoda Hug Ukulele Shirt monitor probably did the smart thing and should just find a different line of work. The driver MUST address any act of physical violence on the bus. He also needs to consider addressing disturbing verbal behavior.


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However, he has to safely stop the bus first. If he decides it’s not safe to stop and can’t act upon it he has to report it over the radio or immediately upon arrival. And of course, he has to write down names. I can’t say if he did wrong, all the facts have to be investigated and placed into perspective. My son got bullied, too by boy choked my son’s neck and his heart almost stopped beating. Children yelled at the Baby Yoda Hug Ukulele Shirt bus to stop it and called 911. Polices and ambulances came and took my son to rushed to the hospital. He was lucky to alive.

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Polices and KPS called me. I was crying and crying then my friend drove me to the Baby Yoda Hug Ukulele Shirt. I thanks my friend drove and dropped me there. My parents are piss off at boys and school. My son is so sweet and smart boy. I’m a deaf mother and he knows sign language plus he is hearing. I’m glad that cps and polices took him away from their parents and unfit to do with kids. This is really sad upsets me so much why do these children feel like they have to beat somebody up sometimes I think it’s taught in the home.

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    I came across their ad on Facebook. A bit on the expensive side but the shirt quality and the graphics look good. The real test will be how well it wears from wearing it and washing it. Time will tell as they say.

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